Me, in my scruffs, with my dish

So finally I get the dish mounted on the mast. I had to make a bracket first.

Roughing out
This is about the maximum size of work piece I can manage

I would have loved to have cut semi-circles into the ends of the extension arms but none of may machines were really up to it. I’m a bit concerned that the m6 bolts are not quite up to the job, but we’ll see. Can always drill everything out to m8 or even M10.

Outline of mounting plate. Still to drill

When routing out using a slot mill I find I cannot get the finish I require. Roting 0.5mm too big and then going around the edges carefully sorts that out brilliantly.

Cross boom clamps
Finished dish mounting bracket

The dish mounting bracket had to stick out far enough to clear the rotator and the mast. The problem is the longer the arms the more torque is applied to the rotator and the more counterweights that need to be added. I think I’ve got a good compromise here.

First go at mounting dish

I didn’t put any counterweights on first. That was a bit of a mistake as there was very little to hold the dish of the ground. Notice the deformed rim at the bottom.

Dish mount in position
Finally upright

There is around 18kg of weights plus the weights of the arms counterbalancing the dish. About 20kgm torque. I think it is about balanced.

Total weight at the head of the mast is around 80kg as best we can guess. It takes 3 people to raise and lower. I think we need a winch.

There is still a lot of work to doo. All the mesh needs to be straightened and possibly some sub-ribs used at the outer. I need to work out how to finish the raggedy and rather sharp edges of the mesh. After that I will turn my attention to the feed supports and actual feed mechanism before sorting out the various amplifiers and switching from RX to TX.

At least I’ve started on the hybrid splitter phase shift stripline.

Quadrature hybrid splitter/stripline

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